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Hi guys ! here is Stephany and Karoline, we are three young girls who enjoy talking and dancing for you can see if they come to our room ... we like role plays and torture games sure if you can enjoy them 5--SMILE IN MY ROOM 20--SHOW MY FEETS 33--5 SPANK 100--fingers pussy 111--lick feet 119--kiss 125--lick boobs 150--c2c and play 200--fingers in ass 299--lick pussy 399--lick ass 400--naked all girls 500--toy in pussy 555--scissor 655-- toy in ass 699--squirt 799--strap on pussy 888--bdsm 120--deep throat 300--CUM important!!! :) 1. When you come into a models room, have the decency to at least say hello. You wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and not say hello, well this is their home, say hello. You can and will get banned if you don't, I know. 2. Get to know the model; you might be surprised how nice they are. 3. Don’t come into a room and demand- show me your tits, show me your pussy, show me your ass. Would you walk into a bar and tell the first young lady you meet show me your tits? Think about it. 4. If the model is in the middle of a show, be polite, say hello, and then tip if you enjoy what you see. Again don’t demand for her to do something. 5. This is for guests, grays and Gold’s, these young ladies are working, tips are how they pay their bills, remember that. 6. Don’t tell the model if she shows her (ass, pussy, tits) whatever, you’ll tip her after, these ladies weren’t born yesterday. If you want to see something ask her how many tokens to see her (ass, pussy, tits) whatever, if too much thank her and leave. 7. Read her profile, most have all the questions you’re going to ask already answered, just take the time to read. 8. Yes, you will meet models that all they want are tokens, they don’t want to get to know you and they don’t want you to know them. 9. Remember these young ladies do have lives outside of this site; they have feelings, they aren’t robot’s, they eat, sleep, they have problems just like you do. This is their job when on cam, tokens are how they get paid and if you look at how much tokens cost, it takes a lot of tokens for them to make anything. 10. Lastly, I know you’re thinking what a dork, I maybe a dork but I try my best to treat others how I would like to be treated and I think these young ladies deserve respect and I do my best to give them the respect they deserve. Try it you may be surprised what you get back in return.